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Protim Optimum is used in claddingProtim Optimum is used in claddingProtim Optimum is used in cladding


This part of the Koppers Performance Chemicals website has been designed to make it easier for you to find the information you need if you are planning to use preservative treated timber. The site contains detailed descriptions on the preservative treated products we produce and safe guidelines for their usage.


If you are considering using treated timber for your project start by looking at our treatment guide for the correct treatment level for your project, this is called the Hazard Class and should be indicated on the treated timber when you buy it. Different treatment types can meet the requirement for a particular Hazard Class and your choice will depend on what will be available at your timber merchant. Note that CCA treated timber is restricted in some applications such as decks, playground equipment and similar, for more information refer to the national regulator,


The navigation bars above and to the side will assist you to find the information that you need:


Treatment Guide - This part of the website will help you choose the right Hazard Class for your project.


Preservative Systems - This part of the site provides a short description of the preservative type and has brochure downloads for more detailed information.


Brochures - This is the fastest way to go to all our product brochures.


Timber Care - The Timber Care range is the industry standard for caring for your timber products. Products can be used for sealing treated timber, extending the life of untreated treated timber and water repellent products for decks. Below are some Common Questions from Home owners that may be of assistance. If you don’t find what you need, use the “Contact us" link to ask a question.



Common questions from Home Owners

Preservative Timber: What is it?

Preservatives are used to protect timber from all types of biological deterioration, including insects, termites, decay, and marine borers. Treated timber is very widely used in fencing, patios, landscaping, poles, posts, decking, framing, floorboards, cladding, marinas and much more.


What safety precautions should be used with treated timber?

When working with treated timber it is important that you follow all the safety precautions. The safety precautions may differ from each timber preservative product that is used. To view the safety precautions for each product simply click the safety and handling button  in the navigation on the left.


How is timber treated?

Preservatives are usually applied by using a pressure cylinder. Many new generation preservative systems are factory applied using dip, spray or in the glue-line of engineered timber products. We have created an animation that explains how the pressure cylinder system works. To view the animation click here.


Where do I get treated timber and what do I ask for?

Treated timber is available at most timber merchants, hardware and landscpaping stores across Australia. There are many treated timber products available. To ensure you get the correct timber for your project, it is best to ask a staff member what is the best product for your project. In Australia, treated timber is generally defined by its end use and the expected severity of its weather exposure and /or exposure to rot, fungi and insect pests such as termites. The Australian Standard for the Specification of Timber Treatment defines this by assigning Hazard Classes. We do have a interactive animation that can assist you with knowing what Hazard Class applies to your projects and what product is best suited to that hazard classification.


Where do I get consumer brochures?

Your local timber merchant or hardware store should have some consumer information available either in-store or on their website. If you can not find information or you seek something specific please feel free to contact us and we will try and find this information for you. It is important to know that Koppers Performance Chemicals do not treat timber. Koppers Performance Chemicals is the manufacturer of timber preservatives, not preservative timber products.