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Protim Optimum is used in claddingProtim Optimum is used in claddingProtim Optimum is used in cladding


Koppers Performance Chemicals treatment technologies cover a broad range of timber treatment requirements, from domestic to agricultural uses, wharfs and utility poles and many more.

In Australia, treated timber is generally defined by its end use and the expected severity of its weather exposure and /or exposure to rot, fungi and insect pests such as termites. The Australian Standard for the Specification of Timber Treatment defines this by assigning Hazard Classes. This Hazard Class system should be used by specifiers or those purchasing timber to ensure that you are buying preservative treated timber products that will perform. The animated treatment guide, may assist with the specification of preservative treated timber used around the home.


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Common questions from Landscapers & Retailers

What Timber Care products are available from Koppers Performance Chemicals ?

Koppers Performance Chemicals Australia has produced a full range of timber care products for many years. Our Timber Care range has been marketed under the name of Protim Solignum and carries products such as Raincoat™, XJ™, CN Timber Oil and CN Emulsion. For more information about our timber care range click here.


What documents are available to explain the safety precautions ?

When working with treated timber it is important that you follow all the safety precautions. The safety precautions may differ from each timber preservative product that is used. Click here to view safety precautions.