Safety Data Sheets (SDS) - CONSUMER PRODUCT

Safety Data Sheets are provided to describe the different chemical properties used in our chemical formulation's and also to provide information on emergency procedures & safety handling requirements. Please note that these SDS's DO NOT cover the treated timber product

Should you require any further information, please contact us or call our customer services number on 1800 088 809.



Protim Timber Care

ACQ Boracol 100 RH Fungicide ACQ Protim Solignum timber protective Emulsion CN ACQ Protim Solignum CN timber oil
ACQ Boracol 200 RH Fungicide ACQ Protim Solignum Raincoat Water Repellent  
ACQ Boracol 400 RH Fungicide ACQ Protim Solignum XJ Clear Timber Protective