Safety Data Sheets are provided to describe the different chemical properties used in our chemical formulation's and also to provide information on emergency procedures & safety handling requirements. Please note that these SDS's DO NOT cover the treated timber product.

Should you require any further information, please contact us or call our customer services number on 1800 088 809.


Preservative Systems

ACQ ACQ Type D for Timber Treatment ACQ DeterMite
Glue Line Insecticide
ACQ Sarmix Oxcell C-680 for Timber Treatment
ACQ Protim Optimum
ready-to-use LOSP timber preservative
ACQ Inshield Insecticide ACQ DeterMite ULO Timber Framing Insecticide RTU
ACQ Protim Optimum Gold ready-to-use Timber Preservative ACQ Protim Losp H2 RFU (LCWR Trussguard[P] Wood Preservative) ACQ DeterMite
ultra low odour timber framing insecticide
ACQ Micronized Tebuconazole Timber Preservative ACQ MicroPro Copper Based Timber Preservative  


Antisapstains & Antimoulds

ACQ Hylite Antimould ACQ Cutrol 375




ACQ MicroShades
Red/Brown Australia
ACQ FireGuard